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Andrew King has produced an index of serials in The London Journal.

George William Vickers
British Periodicals
2029 nos in 78 vols. 16 p./no. (1 March 1845 – 29 Dec. 1883)Adelaide, Arizona, Auckland, BC, BL, BNE, BNF, BYU, Calgary, Carleton, Chicago, Cincinnati, CUL, Emory, Guildhall, HRC, Illinois, IndState, Lakehead, Manchester, McGill, Meredith, Monash, NAL, Newberry, NLNZ, NLS, NLSA, PennState, RUG, SC, SDSU, SLPL, Syr, TAMU, UBA, UH, UIowa, UMND, UNSW, UWA, UWO, Vanderbilt, Virginia, VUW, Yale

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The Mysteries of the Inquisition. (nos. 8-32).
G. W. M. Reynolds. Faust (nos. 32-73).
Frederic Soulie. It Was Time (nos. 47-60).
Alexandre Dumas. Monte Christo (nos. 61-147).
Martin, the Foundling; or, memoirs of a valet de chambre. (nos. 75-118).
Eugene Sue. The Seven Cardinal Sins. (nos. 144-220).
Thomas Miller. Gideon Giles the roper. (nos. 180-201).
H. Harkness. Love, War, and Adventure. (nos. 202-209).
Thomas Miller. Godfrey Malvern. (nos. 210-234).
J. F. Smith, esq. Stanfield Hall. (nos. 221-299).
Alex. Dumas. The Thousand and One Phantoms; to be read between eleven o'clock and midnight. (nos. 222-255).
Eugene Sue. Mary Lawson. (nos. 292-314).
Amy Lawrence the freemason's daughter. (nos. 308-345).
Minnigrey (nos. 346-397).
Mrs Stowe. Uncle Tom's Cabin (nos. 397-412).
The Will and the Way. (nos. 398-445).
Genevra; or, the History of a Portrait (nos. 414-422).
Woman and her Master. (nos. 445-498).
Temptation. (nos. 498-523).
E.D.E.N. Southworth. The True And False Heiress (nos. 523-538).
Masks and Faces (nos. 539-577).
The Star In The Dark (nos. 578-582).
Percy B. St. John. Blythe Hall (nos. 581-599).
Ernest Linwood (nos. 585-612).
P. B. St J. Quadroona (nos. 598-627).
The Snowbird (nos. 618-629).
Miles Gerald Keon. Harding The Money-spinner (nos. 624-639).
Madame De Marke (nos. 635-645).
J. C.. Culverley Rise (nos. 643-652).
Charles Reade. White Lies. (nos. 646-667).
The Double Marriage (nos. 651-662).
Alexandre Dumas. The Dove (nos. 664-669).
Pierce Egan. The Flower Of The Flock (nos. 667-689).
Sir Walter Scott. Kenilworth (nos. 687-708).
Pierce Egan. The Snake In The Grass (nos. 690-720).
Sir Walter Scott. The Fortunes Of Nigel (nos. 709-729).
Miss Margaret Power. Too Late (nos. 720-744).
Pierce Egan. The Love Test (nos. 727-746).
Sir Walter Scott, , Bart. Ivanhoe (nos. 737-769).
Bayle St. John. Violet Davenant; Or, The Red Hand (nos. 747-757).
Albany Fonblanque. The Filibuster: A Story Of Nicaragua (nos. 753-754).
Percy B. St. John. Quicksands And Whirlpools: A Tale Of Youth's Temptations (nos. 755-766).
E.D.E.N. Southworth. Brandon Of Brandon: A Tale Of Love And Pride (nos. 755-775).
Pierce Egan. Love Me, Leave Me Not (nos. 767-803).
E.D.E.N. Southworth. The Fatal Marriage (nos. 776-792).
Love's Labours Won (nos. 792-804).
E.D.E.N. Southworth. Laura Etheridge (nos. 798-816).
Adela (nos. 804-813).
E.D.E.N. Southworth. The Gipsy's Prophecy (nos. 814-834).
Pierce Egan. The Wonder Of Kingswood Chace (nos. 817-856).