A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Penny Satirist.
Benjamin Davy Cousins
19th Century UK Periodicals
471 nos in 8 vols. 4 p./no. (22 April 1837 – 25 April 1846)BL, BYU, CUL, Gla, Illinois, IUB, Leeds, Newberry, NLA, NYPL, NYU, SLNSW, SLV

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An Autobiography. (nos. 8-126).
H. J. Copson. The Miser's Daughter; or, the prophetess of Paddington Green. (nos. 235-251).
Fiddlestick. The Adventures of Percival Pinkerton; or, pictures of life (nos. 251-281).
Theodora, of Seville. (nos. 264-268).
G. H. Brooks. The Twin Brothers of Whitehall; or, the mother's curse. (nos. 281-292).
Bloomsbury and Felicia. A tale of yore. (nos. 292-293).
Floris and Blanchefleur. (nos. 294-295).
Ambrosio and Acantha. (nos. 295-298).
Brachman Padmanaba. (nos. 299-299).
Leander and Aldina. A tale of yore. (nos. 299-300).
The Convert; or, the prior of red penitents. (nos. 329-331).
An ex-constable. The Life of a Policeman. (nos. 341-353).
Donalda; or, the witches of Glenshiel. (nos. 350-363).
M. Soulie. Crime and Vengeance. (nos. 378-379).
Pride and Vanity; or, the banker and the peer. (nos. 395-401).
Frederic Soulie. The Mysteries of the Heath; or, the Chateau de Chevalaine. (nos. 402-418).