A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Penny Satirist (London).
Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper (London).
Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper (London).
Reynolds's Miscellany (London).
The Fast Man (London).
"Bos". Nickelas Nickelbery. Containing the adventures, mis-adventures, chances, mis-chances, fortunes, mis-fortunes, mys-teries, mis-eries, and mis-celleaneous manoeuvres of the family of Nickelbery.
London: E. Lloyd. 43 nos. 342 p.
H. G. Brooks. The Twin Brothers of Whitehall; or, the mother's curse.
London: B. D. Cousins. 88 p.
Jayhohenn Deehiseekayess , esq (pseud.). Tyburn Tree; or, the mysteries of the past.
London: R. S. Swift. 31 nos. 252 p.
The Life of the King of the Beggars; or, Bampfylde Moore Carew.
London: G. Purkess. 38 nos. 300 p.
The Merry Wives of London. A romance of metropolitan life.
London: G. Vickers. 26 nos. 208 p.
The Blind Beggar of Bethnal-Green and Pretty Bessy.
London: Peirce & Hyde, 1848. 24 nos. 190 p.
Pierce Egan. Clifton Grey; or, love and war: a tale of the present day.
London: W. S. Johnson, [1856]. 36 nos. 290 p.
The Wandering Jew.
"Roscoe's library edition". London: E. Appleyard, 1845. 70 nos. 554 p.
The Novel Newspaper. Vol. 2.
London: J. Cunningham, 1840. 509 p.
The Novel Newspaper. Vol. 3.
London: J. Cunningham, 1842.
The Novel Newspaper. Vol. 15.
London: N. Bruce, 1843. 41 nos.
Henry Cockton , Esq. The Love Match.
London: W. M. Clark, 1845. 12 nos. 373 p.
Sylvester Sound the Somnambulist.
London: W. M. Clark, 1844. 367 p.
Sylvester Sound the Somnambulist.
London: W. M. Clark, 1855. 23 nos. 367 p.
Renton Nicholson. Dombey and Daughter: a moral fiction.
London: Thomas Farris. 12 nos. 94 p.
the old sailor (pseud.). Jem Bunt a tale of the Land and the Ocean.
London: [Henry Lea]. 312 p.
Old London Bridge, a romance of the sixteenth century.
London: Willoughby & Co. 52 nos. 407 p.
Charles W. Manby. Tom Racquet, and his three maiden aunts: with a word or two about the "Whittleburys".
London: Willoughby & Co. 34 nos. 264 p.
Selina Bunbury. Coombe Abbey: an historical tale of the reign of James the First.
London: Henry Lea. 37 nos. 586 p.
George W. M. Reynolds. Leila, or, the star of Mingrelia.
London: John Dicks. 25 nos. 200 p.
Joseph Wilmot; or, the memoirs of a man-servant. Vol. 1.
London: John Dicks. 52 nos. 415 p.
Joseph Wilmot; or, the memoirs of a man-servant. Vol. 2.
London: John Dicks. 52 nos. 413 p.
Alfred, or, the adventures of a French Gentleman.
London: Willoughby and Co, 1844. 237 p.