A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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The Penny Satirist (London).
Parley's Penny Library (London).
Ela, the Outcast; or, the gipsy of Rosemary Dell. A romance of thrilling interest.
London: E. Lloyd, [1841]. 104 nos. 827 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. The Gipsey Chief; or, the haunted oak. A tale of mystery and crime.
"Illustrated standard library". London: H. Lea. 31 nos. 485 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. The Gipsey Mother; or, the miseries of enforced marriage. A tale of mystery.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: John Lofts. 466 p.
The Illustrated Story-teller.
London: W. S. Johnson. 45 nos.
the old sailor (pseud.). Jem Bunt a tale of the Land and the Ocean.
London: [Henry Lea]. 312 p.
The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox The Ventriloquist:.
London: Willoughby & Co. 620 p.
Mysteries of the Old Castles of France, or secret intrigues of the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and other great personages of the times.
London: W. Strange and E. Dipple. 44 nos. 348 p.
Thomas Peckett Prest. Vice and its Victim: or, Phoebe, the peasant's daughter. A romantic tale of real life.
London: Henry Lea. 72 nos. 574 p.
Tales of Travellers; or, a view of the world. Vol. 1.
London: [William Mark Clark], 1838. 65 nos. 520 p.