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Mary Julia Young
Translated text:
Donalda; or, the witches of Glenshiel. London: 1805British Fiction 1800-1829.

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Penny Publications

Periodical serialization:
"Donalda; or, the witches of Glenshiel".
The Penny Satirist (London): nos. 350-363.19th Century UK Periodicals BL, BYU, CUL, Gla, Illinois, IUB, Leeds, Newberry, NLA, NYPL, NYU, SLNSW, SLNSW, SLV

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Mary Julia Young. "Donalda; or, the witches of Glenshiel, a Caledonian legend"
Tales of my Landlady: no. 29-33.BL, Bodley, KU, KU, Yale

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