A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Work

Penny Publication

Periodical serialization:
"Twenty Years of Professional Life. Embracing anecdotes of Messrs. Kean, Ward, Vandenhoff, Kemble, Webster, Farren, Macready, Dowton, Phelps, Bunn, Osbaldiston, Davidge, Yates, Ducrow, Green, Vining, Liston, Fitzball, Buckstone, Rodwell, Serg. Talfourd; Madame Vestris, Mesdames Waylett, Nesbitt, Glover, Walter Lacy, Humby, &c. &c., with many original".
Lloyd's Companion to the Penny Sunday Times (London): nos. 149-201.BL, NLS

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