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Lloyd's Companion to the Penny Sunday Times, and Peoples' (sic) Police Gazette
Edward Lloyd
278 nos. 4 p./no. (12 Sept. 1841 – 3 Jan. 1847)BL, NLS

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Guy of Aulstone; or, the secret of the iron chamber. (nos. -).
The Bride and the Mother; or, passion and prejudice. A romance. (nos. -279).
Anselmo, the accursed; or, the skeleton hand! An original legendary romance. (nos. 1-46).
The Miller's Maid. A domestic tale of deep interest (nos. 1-53).
Blanche; or, the fearful mystery of the doomed house. A tale of mystery of the olden time. (nos. 1-56).
Miles Glin (nos. 18-39).
The Maid, the Wife, and the Widow; or, the secret of the mirrored chamber. A domestic tale of crime and suffering partly collected (by express permission) from the archives of the secret police of Paris (nos. 53-92).
The Lover's Fate; or, the vision of the raven tower. (nos. 57-113).
The Poacher's Daughter; or, the murder of old Highgate grange. (nos. 95-125).
Stella; or, the omen of the grave. A romance. (nos. 113-169).
Twenty Years of Professional Life. Embracing anecdotes of Messrs. Kean, Ward, Vandenhoff, Kemble, Webster, Farren, Macready, Dowton, Phelps, Bunn, Osbaldiston, Davidge, Yates, Ducrow, Green, Vining, Liston, Fitzball, Buckstone, Rodwell, Serg. Talfourd; Madame Vestris, Mesdames Waylett, Nesbitt, Glover, Walter Lacy, Humby, &c. &c., with many original (nos. 149-201).
Adele; or, the robbers of the new forest. An English romance. (nos. 169-).
Margaret Catchpole, the female horse-stealer; or, the adventures of a Suffolk girl. (nos. 190-209).
The Organ Girl. An original romance. (nos. 203-).