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Victorine Subervick (1810-) and Manuel Galo de Cuendías (1-1)
Translated text:
Les Mystères de l'Inquisition et autres sociétés secrètes d'Espagne. Paris: Nov. 1844-April 1845.

See also The Mysteries of the Inquisition.

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Penny Publications

M. V. de Féréal. The Mysteries of the Inquisition.
London: Geo. Peirce. 16 nos. 128 p.BL, BL, NYU, UCLA, UCSB
Popery as it used to be, is now, and ever will be; or, the mysteries of the Inquisition unveiled.
London: Geo. Peirce. 16 nos. 126 p.UCLA
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