A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Publisher

George Peirce (1810-1858)
Joseph Hyde
310 Strand
Sold plates to:
Henry Lea
George Berger
Eugene Plunkett. The Black Mendicant.
London: Peirce and Hyde, 1848. 10 nos. 155 p.
The Blind Beggar of Bethnal-Green and Pretty Bessy.
London: Peirce & Hyde, 1848. 24 nos. 190 p.
Alexandre Dumas. Captain Paul, the pirate. A tale of the sea.
London: Geo. Peirce, 1848. 9 nos. 140 p.
Alexandre Dumas. Celebrated Crimes.
London: [Geo. Peirce]. 13 nos. 202 p.
The Conspirators: the secret societies, the prefecture of police under Caussidière, the free corps, &c. &c. &c.
London: George Peirce. 128 p.
A. de Lavergne. The Fair Circassian; or, the Gulf of Smyrna.
London: Peirce.
Francis the First; or, the sculptor's apprentice and the provost's daughter.
London: Geo. Peirce. 11 nos. 174 p.
Professor Ingraham. The Freebooters; or, the cruise of the Sea Slipper. A romance of New York.
London: [George Peirce]. 19 nos. 150 p.
The Galley-Slave, Gabriel Lambert. To which is added, Julien; or, The Dead Alive.
London: Geo. Peirce. 12 nos. 185 p.
The Great Fire of London, or, The mystery of 1666: with some account of the plague which preceded it.
London: Geo. Peirce. 11 nos. 86 p.
Victor Hugo. Hans of Iceland; or, the demon dwarf.
London: Geo. Peirce. 11 nos. 172 p.
Hofer, the patriot of the Tyrol. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce, 1845. 16 nos. 126 p.
Ned Buntline (pseud.). The King of the Sea. A tale of the fearless and free.
London: Geo. Peirce, 1848. 13 nos. 108 p.
William Hurton. The King's Daughter; or, revelations of our own times.
London: G. Peirce, 1847. 13 nos. 206 p.
La Esmeralda; or, the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
London: G. Peirce. 22 nos. 349 p.
Love and Crime; or, the mystery of the convent. A romance.
London: G. Peirce. 30 nos. 240 p.
Maid Marian, the Forest Queen; being a companion to "Robin Hood".
London: George Peirce. 31 nos. 248 p.
Alexander Dumas. Margaret of Navarre; or the massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve.
London: G. Peirce. 30 nos. 479 p.
Marie Antoinette; or, the chevalier of the Red House. A tale of the French Revolution in 1793.
London: Geo. Peirce. 26 nos. 413 p.
Alexandre Dumas. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. An Historical Tale.
London: Geo. Peirce. 11 nos. 166 p.
Masaniello, The Fisherman King of Naples.
London: G. Peirce. 12 nos. 192 p.
Memoirs of a Physician.
London: George Peirce. 31 nos. 495 p.
Paul Feval. The Midnight Reckoning; or, the Molly Maguires. A tale of real life in Ireland.
London: George Peirce, 1846. 16 nos. 124 p.
The Mirror of French Romance.
London: George Peirce. 16 nos.
M. V. de Féréal. The Mysteries of the Inquisition.
London: Geo. Peirce. 16 nos. 128 p.
The Noble Rival; or, the prince of Congo.
London: G. Peirce. 10 nos. 154 p.
Alexander Dumas. Pascal Bruno the Sicilian bandit.
London: George Peirce. 10 nos. 131 p.
The Pearl Fisher of St. Domingo. A tale of the buccaniers.
London: Geo. Peirce. 12 nos. 181 p.
Perkin Warbeck; or, the last of the Plantagenets.
London: G. Peirce. 12 nos. 94 p.
Eugene Scribe. Piquillo Alliaga; or, the Moors under Philip the Third of Spain. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce, 1846. 28 nos. 446 p.
The Planter of the Isle of France. A tale of the land and the sea.
London: Geo. Peirce. 17 nos. 259 p.
The Poisoners; or the death of Sir T. Overbury. To which is added, The Murder of Sir T. Boughton.
London: G. Peirce. 9 nos. 142 p.
Popery as it used to be, is now, and ever will be; or, the mysteries of the Inquisition unveiled.
London: Geo. Peirce. 16 nos. 126 p.
Alexandre Guiraud. The Priest of Barcelona. A tale of modern Spain.
London: Geo. Peirce. 12 nos. 182 p.
Alexander Dumas. The Prisoner of If; or The Revenge of Monte-Christo.
London: Geo. Peirce. 26 nos. 406 p.
Richard Coeur de Lion. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce. 48 nos. 448 p.
Robin Hood and Little John; or, the merry men of Sherwood forest.
London: George Peirce, 1844. 41 nos. 474 p.
Robin Hood and Little John; or, the merry men of Sherwood forest.
London: George Peirce, 1847. 41 nos. 474 p.
Professor Ingraham. The Silver Ship of Mexico. A tale of the Spanish Main. To which is added Arnold Allen, a romance of the tower of old concord.
London: George Peirce.
Henry Villiers. The Stranger's Grave.
London: G. Peirce, 1845. 12 nos. 96 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Wat Tyler.
London: Geo. Peirce, 1845. 55 nos. 874 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Wat Tyler; an historical romance, in three volumes.
London: George Peirce and , 1846. 874 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Wat Tyler; or, the Rebellion of 1381.
London: G. Peirce, 1847. 55 nos. 874 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Wat Tyler; or, the Rebellion of 1381.
London: Geo. Peirce, 1850. 55 nos. 874 p.
The Wedding Dress. A tale of the French Revolution.
London: Peirce.
J. H. Newton. William Tell, the hero of Switzerland. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce. 28 nos. 221 p.
Woman's Revenge; or, the count of Morion.
London: Peirce.
Tales of the French and Italian Wars.
London: G. Peirce. 12 nos. 190 p.