A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Publisher

Edwin Dipple (1820-1896)
42 Holywell-street, Strand
Herbert Thornley. Life in London. A Romance.
London: E. Dipple, 1846. 14 nos. 109 p.
Francis Glasse. The Fortunes of Montague; a romance.
London: E. Dipple, [1848]. 12 nos. 92 p.
Francis Glasse. Osmyn the unknown.
London: E. Dipple, 1847. 13 nos. 102 p.
Walter Somers. Stradella: or, the power of song. An Italian romance.
London: Edwin Dipple, 1848. 13 nos. 108 p.
Mysteries of the Old Castles of France, or secret intrigues of the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and other great personages of the times.
London: W. Strange and E. Dipple, [c. 1848]. 44 nos. 348 p.
Henry Downes Miles. Claude du Val, a romance, of the days of Charles the Second.
London: Edwin Dipple, [1850]. 29 nos. 459 p.