A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Reynolds's Miscellany of romance, general literature, science, and art

A partial index can be found in John Adcock's Yesterday's Papers.

John Thomas Dicks
British Periodicals
87 nos in 3 vols. 16 p./no. (7 Nov. 1846 – 1 July 1848)Alberta, BL, Bodley, BYU, CUL, SFPL
new series, 1097 nos in 42 vols. 16 p./no. (15 July 1848 – 19 June 1869)BL, Bodley, (GB)Bodley, CUL, IUB, OSU, (GB)OSU, (GB)OSU, (GB)OSU, UKent

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Wagner: the wehr-wolf. (nos. 1-38).
The Days of Hogarth; or, the mysteries of old London. (nos. 30-78).
Malcolm J. Errym. Will o' the Wisp. A story for Christmas. (nos. -558).
Lady Clara Cavendish. The Woman of the World (nos. -562).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Coral Island; or, the hereditary curse. (nos. 1-38).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Bronze Statue; or, the virgin's kiss. (nos. 38-88).
The Drunkard's Progress. A tale in two periods. (nos. 83-93).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Slaves of England (nos. 89-109).
George W. M. Reynolds. Pope Joan; or, the female pontiff. (nos. 109-133).
George W. M. Reynolds. Kenneth: a romance of the highlands. (nos. 133-181).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Necromancer: a romance. (nos. 181-212).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Massacre of Glencoe: a historical tale. (nos. 212-258).
Edwin F. Roberts. The Ashes on the Hearth: a story of the Irish evictions. (nos. 219-230).
Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Negro Life In The Slave-States of America (nos. 219-236).
The White Slave; or, The Memoirs of a Fugitive. An American Tale (nos. 237-257).
Edwin F. Roberts. The Gold-Seekers; or, the new Tontine. (nos. 245-259).
George W. M. Reynolds. The Rye House Plot: or, Ruth the conspirator's daughter. (nos. 258-319).
Edwin F. Roberts. The "United Service;" or, the twin brothers. A story of Liverpool and the last war. (nos. 261-272).
George W. M. Reynolds. May Middleton: or, the history of a fortune. (nos. 319-339).
George W. M. Reynolds. Omar: a tale of the war. (nos. 339-391).
George W. M. Reynolds. Leila: or the star of Mingrelia. (nos. 391-417).
George W. M. Reynolds. Margaret: or, the discarded queen. A tale of Scottish history. (nos. 417-470).
Pierce Egan. The False Step; or, the castle and the cottage. (nos. 450-482).
J. F. Smith. Rochester. (nos. 465-503).
George W. M. Reynolds. Canonbury House; or, the queen's prophecy. A historical tale. (nos. 470-515).
M. J. Errym. The Snow-Drift. A story of two Christmas Eves. (nos. 497-504).
M. J. Errym. The Sepoys; or, Highland Jessie. A tale of the present Indian revolt (nos. 504-541).
Malcolm J. Errym. The Life Raft; a tale of the sea. (nos. 558-575).
Lady Clara Cavendish. The Divorce: A tale of fashionable life (nos. 562-589).
George W. M. Reynolds. Mary Stuart, queen of Scots (nos. 570-589).
Malcolm J. Errym. The Incendiaries; or, the haunted manor. (nos. 576-584).
Malcolm J. Errym. True Blue; or, sharks upon shore. A tale of the sea. (nos. 585-596).
Lady Clara Cavendish. The Fallen Star: a domestic tale. (nos. 590-603).
Malcolm J. Errym. The Tempter. (nos. 596-).
Malcolm J. Errym. Holly Bush Hall; or, the track in the snow. A tale for Christmas. (nos. 602-).