A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper.
John Cassell
206 nos in 4 vols (only 49 nos in last vol). 8 p./no. (31 Dec. 1853 – 5 Dec. 1857)Aberdeen, AcadiaU, BL, Bodley, Cardiff, CUL, FSU, Fullerton, IUB, KU, Leicester, LUC, Newberry, NLA, NLS, NYPL, Otago, Princeton, SBB, Springhill, TePapa, UMBC
new series, 374 nos in 14 vols (only  nos in last vol). 16 p./no. (5 Dec. 1857 – 21 Jan. 1865)Aberdeen, BL, Bodley, Illinois, IUB, KU, Leicester, NLI, NLS, NYPL, OSU, QVMAG, UCLA

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Percy B. St. John. The Arctic Crusoe: A tale of the Polar Seas. (nos. 1-20).
Amy Moss; or, the banks of the Ohio. A tale of domestic adventure. (nos. 20-42).
Mrs. Burbury. French Hay; or, lost and found. A tale of English village life. (nos. 41-66).
Afraja; or, life and love in Norway. (nos. 50-69).
The Soldier of Fortune, a tale of the war. (nos. 68-105).
J. F. Smith. Dick Tarleton; or, lessons of life. (nos. 106-148).
J. F. Smith. Phases of Life; or, a peep behind the scenes. (nos. 147-185).
Alexandre Dumas. Royalists and Republicans; Or, The Companions of Jehu. A Tale of the First French Revolution. (nos. 174-206).
J. F. Smith. The Young Pretender; Or, A Hundred Years Ago. (nos. 186-206).
Felix Stowe. Latson. (nos. 1-14).
J. F. Smith. Smiles and Tears: A tale of our own times. (nos. 1-52).
Hope Evermore; or, something to do. A tale of the ragged schools. (nos. 16-52).
Winnie; or, the balance of power at the fireside. A tale, in three parts. (nos. 53-75).
J. F. Smith. The Substance and the Shadow. (nos. 53-83).
Margaret. A household tale. (nos. 67-76).
The Constant Woman. (nos. 76-87).
J. F. Smith. Milly Moyne; or, broken at last. (nos. 79-115).
The White Rose. A tale of the fifteenth century. (nos. 88-101).
Octave Feuillet. The Romance of a Poor Young Man. (nos. 102-110).
Left to Themselves; or, arab life in London. (nos. 109-136).
The False Beacon: A story of the Wild Coast. (nos. 114-122).
The Autobiography of an Heiress; or, the old feud. (nos. 116-148).
Mrs. Anna Young. The Lost Deeds. (nos. 121-129).
Captain Brand; or, the pirate schooner. A tale of the sea. (nos. 129-152).
J. F. Smith. Who is to Win? Or, the stepmother. (nos. 136-168).
The Mystic Marriage. (nos. 155-179).