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William Hillyard. Catalina; or, the Spaniard's revenge. A romance.
London: John Dicks, 1848. 11 nos. 94 p.
Renton Nicholson. Cockney Adventures and Tales of London Life.
London: W. M. Clark and A. Forrester, 1838. 21 nos. 168 p.
Prosper Chavigni and Letitia Laferti; or le chemin de traverse.
"Romancist and Novelist's Library". London: J. Clements. 22 nos. 172 p.
De Lisle; or, the shipwrecked stranger. A Romance of Real Life.
London: W. Caffyn. 49 nos. 395 p.
The Demon Huntsman; A Romance of Diablerie. Founded on a celebrated German tradition.
London: W. M. Clark. 8 nos. 62 p.
Eliza Grimwood, a domestic legend of the Waterloo Road, with biographical notices of her fair companions; also, sketches of dukes, lords, Hon. M.P.'s, magistrates and her murderer.
London: B. D. Cousins. 40 nos. 318 p.
Helen Porter; or, a wife's tragedy and a sister's trials. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 103 nos. 840 p.
Hofer, the patriot of the Tyrol. An historical romance.
London: George Peirce, 1845. 16 nos. 126 p.
Edward Lytton Blanchard. The Life of George Barnwell; or, the London apprentice of the last century.
London: Thomas White. 32 nos. 253 p.
Gabriel Alexander. Lilias, the milliner's apprentice.
London: John Dicks, 1854. 52 nos. 412 p.
Old London Bridge, a romance of the sixteenth century.
London: Willoughby & Co. 52 nos. 407 p.
George W. M. Reynolds , Esq. Pickwick Abroad; or, the tour in France.
London: Willoughby & Co. 80 nos. 628 p.
The Steward: a romance of real life.
London: W. M. Clark, 1850. 24 nos. 380 p.
Charles Rabou. The Widow's Walk; or, the mystery of crime.
"Roscoe's library edition". London: E. Appleyard. 19 nos. 152 p.