A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Work

Jules Janin (1804-1874)
Translated text:
Le Chemin de traverse. Paris: 1836.

Penny Publication

William Thomas Haley
172 p.
Two different issues:
W. T. Haley. The Cross Roads; a romance of real life.
London: B. D. Cousins, 1841. 22 nos.Adelaide, ANU, Bodley, Bodley, Harvard, UCLA
M. Jules Janin. Prosper Chavigni and Letitia Laferti; or le chemin de traverse.
"Romancist and Novelist's Library". London: J. Clements. 22 nos.BL, Bodley, LOC, Princeton, UDel, Yale
Indexed in:
Summers (p. 600), James (p. 191)