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George William MacArthur Reynolds (1814-1879)
The Mysteries of London. Second series

Penny Publication

George W. M. Reynolds. The Mysteries of London.
Vol. 1, 416 p.
Alberta, BL, Bodley, Chicago, Emory, Geneseo, Illinois, Minneapoli, Newberry, NYU, Oakland, UCLA, UCR, UMA, UW-Mad, Westmont, WU, Yale
Two different issues:
London: Geo. Vickers, 1845. 52 nos.(HT)Princeton, UBC
London: George Vickers, 1846. 52 nos.Guildhall, KBse, UC, (GB)(HT)UCSC
Vol. 2
London: George Vickers, 1846. 53 nos. 424 p.Alberta, BL, Bodley, Chicago, Geneseo, Guildhall, KBse, KU, Minneapoli, Newberry, NYU, Oakland, Princeton, UBC, UC, UCLA, UCR, (HT)UCSC, UMA, UW-Mad, Westmont, WU, Yale
Indexed in:
Summers (p. 146-59; 43)