A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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John Lofts (1827-)
262 Strand
368 Strand
The Broken Heart; or, the village bridal.
London: J. Lofts. 49 nos. 396 p.
The Canadian Girl; or, the pirate of the Lakes.
London: John Lofts. 45 nos. 716 p.
Regina Maria Roche. The Children of the Abbey: a tale.
London: John Lofts. 93 nos. 738 p.
Clement Lorimer; or, The Book with the Iron Clasps. A romance.
London: John Lofts. 280 p.
The Double Man; or, the revelations of an old jailor. A Startling Narrative of True Events.
London: John Lofts. 15 nos. 118 p.
Emily Moreland; or, the maid of the valley.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: [John Lofts].
Mrs. Charlotte Smith. Emmeline, the orphan of the castle: a story of life as it is, showing its trials and triumphs.
London: John Lofts. 53 nos. 419 p.
Family Faults; or, a mother's errors.
London: [John Lofts].
The Farmer of Inglewood Forest.
London: [J. Lofts]. 384 p.
The Farmer of Inglewood Forest.
London: John Lofts. 384 p.
Mrs. Catherine G. Ward. The Forest Girl; or, the mountain hut.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: Henry Lea. 598 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. The Gipsey Mother; or, the miseries of enforced marriage. A tale of mystery.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: John Lofts. 466 p.
John Taylor Sinnett. The Historical Romance of Cromwell and Mazarin.
London: [J. T. Sinnett]. 22 nos. 178 p.
Jane Shore; or, the goldsmith's wife.
London: Henry Lea. 46 nos. 362 p.
Jane Shore: or, the goldsmith's wife.
London: J. Lofts. 362 p.
Jane Shore: or, the goldsmith's wife.
London: John Lofts. 46 nos. 362 p.
Eugene Sue. The Labyrinth of Love; or, the mysteries of the heart.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: J. Lofts. 36 nos. 281 p.
Miss Davenport. Leopold Courteney; or, Love & hypocrisy.
"Illustrated standard library". London: J. Lofts. 44 nos. 356 p.
Madge Gordon: or, The Mistletoe Bough.
London: John Lofts. 39 nos. 623 p.
The Old Manor House.
London: John Lofts. 51 nos. 406 p.
The Orphan Sisters, or, the lover's secret.
London: John Lofts. 43 nos. 337 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. Rosaline Woodbridge; or, the midnight visit.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: Lofts. 47 nos. 377 p.
The Rose of England; or, the adventures of a prince.
London: Lofts. 45 nos. 716 p.
Hannah Maria Jones. The Scottish Chieftains; or, the perils of love and war.
"Illustrated standard edition". London: John Lofts. 59 nos. 463 p.
Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom's cabin: or the life of a slave.
London: John Lofts. 17 nos. 267 p.