A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Periodical

Lloyd's Entertaining Journal.
Edward Lloyd
162 nos in 6 vols. 16 p./no. (30 March 1844 – 27 March 1847)BL, HRC, SC, Stanford, UCLA, UMN, Yale
new series, 38 nos. 16 p./no. (3 April – 18 Dec. 1847)BL, UMN

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Hannah Maria Jones. The Peasant Girl. (nos. 1-43).
Woman's Life; or, the trials of the heart. (nos. 1-52).
Mariette; or, the forger's wife and the child of destiny. (nos. 1-57).
The Conspirator. A novel. (nos. 44-65).
Gold; or, the stranger of the wreck. A romance. (nos. 52-91).
Tales of the Times, (nos. 76-131).
The Noble Libertine; or, the banditti of the Ochils. (nos. 96-116).
The Ordeal by Touch. A prize romance for which one hundred pounds were paid. (nos. 126-140).
The Iron Mask. A romance. (nos. 141-162).
Evelina, the Pauper's Child; or, poverty, crime and sorrow. A romance of deep pathos. (nos. 1-29).