A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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About the Author

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

RLF 1/2483

American Notes for General Circulation.
Barnaby Budge.
Barnaby Rudge
Current American Notes
Dombey and Daughter: a moral fiction.
The Life and Adventures of Oliver Twiss, the workhouse boy.
Mister Humfries' Clock. A miscellany of striking interest.
Nickelas Nickelbery. Containing the adventures, mis-adventures, chances, mis-chances, fortunes, mis-fortunes, mys-teries, mis-eries, and mis-celleaneous manoeuvres of the family of Nickelbery.
The Old Curiosity Shop
Oliver Twiss, the workhouse boy. An original satirical work, intended as an exposé of the new Poor Law, etc.
Pic Nic Papers
Pickwick in America! detailing all the remarkable adventures of taat (sic) illustrious individual and his learned companions, in the United States; extraordinary Jonathanisms, collected by Mr. Snodgrass, and the sayings, doings, and mems, of the facetious Sam Weller
The Post-Humourous Notes of the Pickwickian Club.
Posthumous Papers of the Cadgers' Club.
Posthumous Papers of the Wonderful Discovery Club, formerly of Camden Town, established by Sir Peter Patron.
The Sketch Book containing a great number of highly interesting and original tales, sketches, &c. &c.