A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Thomas Peckett Prest (1810-1859)

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Tales of the Drama.
London: [E. Lloyd].Bodley, Hamilton, Harvard
"Valsha, the Slave Queen", 8 p.
"Joan of Arc", 8 p.
"Wapping Old Stairs", 8 p.
"St. Mary's Eve, or, a story of the Solway", 8 p.
"The Black Domino", 8 p.
"The Gnome Fly", 8 p.
"The Earl of Poverty; or, the old wooden house of London Wall", 8 p.
"The Black Legend of Rotherhithe, or, the horse and the ostler", 8 p.
"A Maiden's Fame. or, a legend of Lisbon", 8 p.
Edward Lytton Bulwer Esq. "The Lady of Lyons, or, love and pride", 8 p.
"Zarah", 8 p.
"The Magic Flute", 8 p.
"The King's Wager, or the castle and the cottage", 8 p.
"The Phantom Voice, or the doomed one of the hulk", 8 p.
"Adelaide, or the victim of seduction", 8 p.
"The Guide of the Tyrol", 8 p.
"Sindbad the Sailor, or the valley of diamonds", 8 p.
"The Groves of Blarney", 8 p.
"Admiral Benbow, or the earthquake in Jamaica", 8 p.
"The Two Foscari", 8 p.
"The French in Egypt, and Bonaparte's passage of the deserts", 8 p.
"St. Clair of the Isles, or the outlaw of Barra", 8 p.
"The Dumb Man of Manchester", 8 p.
"Woman's Wit. or love's disguises", 8 p.
"The Rake's Progress", 8 p.
"James Crichton, of Clunie, and Catherine de Medicis", 8 p.
"The Tempter, or the old mill of St. Denis", 8 p.
"The Gipsy's Warning", 8 p.
"The Rye-House Plot, or the malster's daughter", 8 p.
"The Charming Polly, or lucky and unlucky days", 8 p.
"The Death Token", 8 p.
"Black Friday, or the natal star", 8 p.
"Gaspardo, the Gondolier or the three banished men of Milan", 8 p.
"Kohal Cave, or the events of a year", 8 p.
"The Athenian Captive", 8 p.
"The Whistler, or, the fate of the lily of St. Leonard's", 8 p.
"The Dream of Fate, or Sarah the Jewess", 8 p.
"The Smuggler's Gibbet, or, the maniac mother", 8 p.
"The Brute-Tamer of Pompeii", 8 p.
"Gaspard Hauser", 8 p.
"The Bayaderes, or, priestesses of Pondicherry", 8 p.
"The Maid of Mariendorpt", 8 p.
"The Broken Chain, or the lady of Nuremberg", 8 p.
"Rafael the Libertine", 8 p.
"The Mariner's Dream or, the Jew of Plymouth", 8 p.
"The Wreck at Sea or, the Fern light-house", 8 p.
"The Merchant of London", 8 p.
"William Tell", 8 p.
Tales of the Drama.
London: E. Lloyd, 1848.BL, BL, UCLA
"The Pearl of the Ocean; or, the prince and the mermaiden", 8 p.
"The Lighterman of Bankside; or, the orphan of Bermondsey", 8 p.
"John Savile of Haysted", 8 p.
G. W. Lovell. "The Wife's Secret", 8 p.
"Love's Sacrifice; or, the rival merchants", 8 p.
"Faust; or, the demon of the Drachenfels", 8 p.
"Naida; or, the goddess of El-Dorado", 8 p.
J. B. Buckstone. "The Flowers of the Forest. A gisey (sic) story", 8 p.
"The Adventures of a Gentleman", 8 p.
"Leontine; or, Gerald the pedlar", 8 p.
"Therese; or, the orphan of Geneva", 16 p.
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