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About the Work

Henry Downes Miles (1807-1889)
Historical figure:
Richard Turpin (1705-1739), British highwayman

Penny Publication

323 p.
Identical titles:
Dick Turpin. (drop-head title)
Dick Turpin. (running title)
Bodley, Bodley
Two different issues:
Henry Downes Miles. The Life of Richard Palmer; better known as Dick Turpin; the notorious highwayman and robber' (sic) including his numerous exploits, adventures, and hair-breadth escapes, trial and execution; with notices of many of his contemporaries.
London: Thomas White, 1839. 41 nos.(IA)(HT)Berkeley, BL, Harvard
Henry Downes Miles. Dick Turpin.
London: Thomas White, 1840. 41 nos.BL, Bodley, (HT)NYPL
Indexed in:
Summers (p. 295), Block (p. 160), James & Smith (401)