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Eugène Sue (1804-1857)
Translated text:
"Martin l'enfant trouvé". Le Constitutionnel (Paris), June 1846-March 1847.

See also Martin, the Foundling and Martin the Foundling.

All translations should be considered distinct unless otherwise stated.

Penny Publications

Periodical serialization:
"Martin, the Foundling; or, the adventures of a valet-de-chambre".
The Family Herald (London): nos. 168-208.Auckland, BC, Berkeley, BL, Bodley, Chicago, CUL, Duke, ETSU, Exeter, FSU, Harvard, Leicester, Manchester, Newberry, Nottingham, NYPL, OIT, OSU, SBB, SudburyHall, TPL, UCLA, UMN

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M. Eugene Sue. Martin, the Foundling; or, the adventures of a valet-de-chambre.
"Roscoe's library edition". London: E. Appleyard, 1847. 46 nos. 372 p.Bodley, (GB)Princeton

remediation of serialization in The Family Herald