A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Penny Publication

The Novelist: a collection of the standard novels.
Vol. 1
London: Foster and Hextall and J.C. Foster, 1839. 31 nos. 494 p.AAS, BL, Bodley, Emory, UCLA, Yale
J. F. Cooper , Esq. "The Last of the Mohicans. A narrative of 1757"
J. Fenimore Cooper , Esq. "Lionel Lincoln, or the leaguer of Boston"
Miss Sedgwick. "Clarence; or, a tale of our own times"
J. Fennimore (sic) Cooper , Esq. "The Pilot; a tale of the sea"
Victor Hugo. "La Esmeralda, or the Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Vol. 2
London: Foster and Hextall, 1839. 22 nos. 344 p.BL, Bodley, (GB)Bodley, Emory, UniBas
"Camden, a tale of the South"
J. F. Cooper. "The Pioneers, or, the sources of the Susquehanna: a descriptive tale"
"The Dutchman's Fireside, a tale"
Paul de Kock. "Brother James"
Vol. 3
London: Foster and Hextall, 1840. 22 nos.BL, (GB)Bodley, Emory, UniBas
J. Fenimore Cooper. "The Water Witch, or the skimmer of the seas", 102 p.
Francis Glasse. "Ned Clinton, or the commissary: comprising adventures and events during the Peninsular war, with curious and original anecdotes of military and other remarkable characters", 80 p.
Miss Porter. "The Scottish Chiefs: a historical tale", 176 p.
Vol. 4
Three different issues:
London: Foster and Hextall, 1840. 20 nos.BL, Bodley
London: J.C. Foster, 1840.UTL
London: H. Smith.UBC, UCLA
"Moustache; or, the three students of Paris", 151 p.
"St. Leon: a tale of the sixteenth century", 174 p.