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Eugène Sue (1804-1857)
Translated text:
Paula Monti ou l'Hôtel Lambert. Paris: June 1842-Sept. 1842.

See also The Labyrinth of Love.

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Penny Publications

Periodical serialization:
Eugene Sue. "Paula Monti, or the Hotel Lambert. A Domestic Tale of Modern Life".
The Illustrated Penny Novelist (London): nos. 59-75.BL, Bodley, Yale, Yale, Yale, Yale, Yale

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"Paula Monti; or, the hotel Lambert"
Eugene Sue's miscellaneous works: no. 3.BYU, Duke, Manchester, NYPL, UW-Mad, Yale

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M. Eugene Süe. Paula Monti: or, the Hôtel Lambert.
London: W. M. Clark. 4 nos. 65 p.BL, KU, ULRLS

remediation of serialization in The Illustrated Penny Novelist.

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