A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Work

William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882)
Historical figure:
John Sheppard (1702-1724), British thief
Plagiarised text:
"Jack Sheppard". Bentley's Miscellany (London), Jan. 1839-Feb. 1840.

See also Life of Jack Sheppard The Housebreaker and The Eventful Life and Unparalleled Exploits of the Notorious Jack Sheppard, the Housebreaker.

Penny Publications

Obediah Throttle (pseud.). The Life and Adventures of Jack Sheppard.
London: F. Hextall. 36 nos. 283 p.BL, Bodley
Variant title:
The Life and Surprising Adventures of Jack Sheppard. (drop-head title)
Obediah Throttle (pseud.). Jack Shepperd.
London: [Foster and Hextall]. 30 nos. 237 p.Alberta, ANU, Bodley, Columbia, HRC, NYU, UCLA, (IA)UNC
Obediah Throttle (pseud.). Jack Shepperd.
London: . 27 nos. 215 p.BL, Bodley, Guildhall, Illinois, TPL, USF
Indexed in:
Summers (p. 386), James (p. 187), James & Smith (356)