A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Periodical

Cleave's Penny Gazette of variety & amusement.
John Cleave
19th Century UK Periodicals
327 nos in 7 vols (only 15 nos in last vol). 4 p./no. (14 Oct. 1837 – 20 Jan. 1844)BL, BYU, CUL, Gla, Guildhall, Manchester, SLNSW
new series, 35 nos. 16 p./no.BL

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The History of Masaniello the fisherman of Naples. (nos. 78-93).
The Gypsey Sybil; or, the riddle of destiny. A romance of the thirteenth century. (nos. 159-201).
The Swiss Valet; or, Courvoisier the murderer. A tale founded on events of recent date. (nos. 174-192).
Prudhoe Castle, or the mysterious abduction. (nos. 221-237).
"Antiquarius". National Legends, and tales of adventure, passion, and imagination. (nos. 262-318).
Hugo de Ville, or the career of a murderer. Comprising a Faithful Narrative of his Wants and Wanderings, Intrigues and Escapes, his Musings, Miseries, and End. (nos. 288-301).
Rosina Meadows, the Village Maid; or, the temptations, snares, and trials of city life unveiled. (nos. 291-302).
Wharton Hall, or the three brothers. A romance of crime, supernatural agency, and retributive justice. (nos. 313-327).
Eugene Sue. The Salamander. A tale of the French Navy, founded on fact. (nos. 314-).

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