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The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Vidocq.
London: F. Hextall, 1840. 26 nos. 206 p.
J. F. Smith , Esq. Amy Lawrence, the freemason's daughter.
London: H. Lea. 35 nos. 274 p.
T. Frost , esq. The Corsican Brothers; or, the fatal duel.
London: Purkess, [1852]. 39 nos. 308 p.
The Cross Roads; a romance of real life.
London: B. D. Cousins, 1841. 22 nos. 172 p.
De Lisle; or, the shipwrecked stranger. A Romance of Real Life.
London: W. Caffyn. 49 nos. 395 p.
Pierce Egan. Edward the Black Prince; or, A Tale of the Feudal Times.
London: W. S. Johnson. 37 nos. 291 p.
Helen Porter; or, a wife's tragedy and a sister's trials. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1847]. 103 nos. 840 p.
The Illustrated Story-teller.
London: W. S. Johnson. 45 nos.
Obediah Throttle (pseud.). Jack Shepperd.
London: [Foster and Hextall]. 30 nos. 237 p.
Jane Shore: or, the goldsmith's wife.
London: John Lofts. 46 nos. 362 p.
Kathleen; or, the secret marriage.
London: E. Lloyd, [1842]. 80 nos. 636 p.
The Lone Cottage; or, who's the stranger? A romance.
London: Edward Lloyd, 1845. 35 nos. 276 p.
Paul Feval. The Loves of Paris, a romance.
London: G. Vickers, 1846. 21 nos. 171 p.
Manuscripts from the Diary of a Physician. Vol. 1.
London: E. Lloyd, 1844. 49 nos. 390 p.
Manuscripts from the Diary of a Physician. Vol. 2.
London: [E. Lloyd], 1847. 24 nos. 190 p.
The Mendicants of London. A romance of real life.
London: A. Vickers, 1849. 10 nos. 78 p.
The Miller and his Men; or, the secret robbers of Bohemia. A powerful romance.
London: E. Lloyd, [1852]. 52 nos. 420 p.
M. de Balzac. Mother and Daughter; or, la Marana.
"Romancist and Novelist's Library". London: J. Clements. 36 p.
Mysteries of the Old Castles of France, or secret intrigues of the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and other great personages of the times.
London: W. Strange and E. Dipple. 44 nos. 348 p.
Nell Gwynne; or, the mysteries of the court of Charles the Second. A Romance of History.
London: Barth. 62 nos. 492 p.
The Novel Newspaper. Vol. 2.
London: J. Cunningham, 1840. 509 p.
The Novel Newspaper. Vol. 3.
London: J. Cunningham, 1842.
Charles Philipon. The Parody of the Wandering Jew.
London: E. Appleyard, 1846. 196 p.
Paul Clifford; or, hurrah for the road. romance of old times.
London: E. Lloyd, 1853. 162 nos. 1291 p.
T. Frost. Paul, the Poacher.
London: G. Purkess. 60 nos. 475 p.
George Dibden (sic) Pitt. The Sea-Fiend; or, the abbot of St. Mark's. A legendary romance.
London: E. Lloyd, 1846. 12 nos. 94 p.
Seduction; or, the perils of a woman's life. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd, 1846. 36 nos. 284 p.
The Sepoy's Daughter: a true tale of the Indian War.
London: Henry Lea. 109 nos. 870 p.
J. F. Smith. Stanfield Hall. A romance.
London: E. Lloyd. 59 nos. 470 p.
The Wandering Jew.
"Roscoe's library edition". London: E. Appleyard, 1845. 70 nos. 554 p.
Pierce Egan the younger. Wat Tyler.
London: F. Hextall, 1841. 55 nos. 874 p.
Charles W. Manby. Tom Racquet, and his three maiden aunts: with a word or two about the "Whittleburys".
London: Willoughby & Co. 34 nos. 264 p.