A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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Thomas Parry (1806-1862)
Brother of John Parry of the Britannia theatre, "first appeared at Covent Garden 22 Nov. 1830; he wrote Damp Beds, a farce, Strand May 1832; P.P. or the Man and the Tiger, a farce, Adelphi 21 Oct. 1833; Meet me by moonlight, a farce, Olympic theatre; The lucky horse shoe or woman's trials, a drama, Drury Lane 27 Dec. 1839; A cure for love, a comedy, Haymarket 29 Nov. 1842; Eugenia Claircille, a drama, Adelphi 17 Sept. 1846; The harvest home, a drama, Adelphi; The First night or my own ghost, a drama, Princess' 1 Oct. 1849."
Source: Boase, Frederic. Modern English Biography. Truro: Netherton & Worth, 1892. Reprinted by Frank Cass, 1965.
The Harvest Home. A romance.