A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Author

Pierce Egan (1814-1880)

RLF 1/2406

Adam Bell; or, the archers of Englewood forest.
Clifton Grey; or, love and war: a tale of the present day.
Edward the Black Prince; or, A Tale of the Feudal Times.
Fair Rosamond, An Historical Romance.
The False Step; or, the castle and the cottage.
The Flower Of The Flock
The London Apprentice and the Goldsmith's Daughter of West Chepe; or, the evil May-day. A story in the times of bluff King Hal.
Love Me, Leave Me Not
The Love Test
Paul Jones.
Quintin Matsys, the blacksmith of Antwerp. A historical romance.
Robin Hood and Little John; or, the merry men of Sherwood forest.
The Snake In The Grass
The Waits; a Christmas story. In twelve chapters.
Wat Tyler
The Wonder Of Kingswood Chace
The Young Rake, or, the history of Harry Racket Scapegrace. A tale for the wilful.
The Thirteenth; or, The Fatal Number.