A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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About the Author

Hannah Maria Jones (1796-1854)

RLF 1/553

The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Wife
The Cottager's Daughter.
The Curate's Daughters; or, the twin roses of Arundale. A domestic romance.
Ela, the Outcast; or, the gipsy of Rosemary Dell. A romance of thrilling interest.
Emily Moreland; or, the maid of the valley.
Family Faults; or, a mother's errors.
The Gipsey Chief; or, the haunted oak. A tale of mystery and crime.
The Gipsey Mother; or, the miseries of enforced marriage. A tale of mystery.
Katharine Beresford, or the shade and sunshine of woman's life
The Peasant Girl.
The Pride of the Village; or, the farmer's daughters.
Rosaline Woodbridge; or, the midnight visit.
The Ruined Cottage; or, the farmer's maid. A romance of real life.
The Scottish Chieftains; or, the perils of love and war.
Village Scandal; or, the gossip's tale. A picture of real life.