A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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About the Author

George Dibdin Pitt (1795-1855)
A biography of the playwright can be found in Dwayne Brenna's dissertation, George Dibdin Pitt: His Life and Work (University of London, 2000), and in an 1998 article he published in Theatre Notebook, "George Dibdin Pitt: Actor and Playwright" (vol. 52, no 1, p. 24-37).
Marianne, the child of charity. A domestic romance.
Mary Clifford; or, the foundling apprentice girl. A tale of deep interest.
The Sea-Fiend; or, the abbot of St. Mark's. A legendary romance.
The String of Pearls; or, the barber of Fleet Street. A domestic romance.
Susan Hoply; or, the trials and viscissitudes of a servant girl. A tale of deep interest.
The Whistler, or, the fate of the lily of St. Leonard's.
The White Slave. A romance for the nineteenth century.
The Will and the Way.
Woman and her Master.
Woman's Life; or, the trials of the heart.
The Wreck of the Heart; or, the story of Agnes Primrose. A domestic tale.