A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Author

Eugène Sue (1804-1857)
The Abbey of Saint Quentin, being an epilogue to The Female Bluebeard.
Anger; or, the firebrand.
Arthur: or, the journal of an unknown.
Atar-Gull; or, the slave's revenge
The Commander of Malta.
The Commander of Malta.
Fascination; or, the adventures of the Marquis de Létorière.
The Female Bluebeard: or The Adventurer.
The Female Bluebeard: or, the adventurer.
The Godolphin Arabian; or, the horse and his keeper.
Idleness; or, Cousin Michael
Kardiki; or, the vizier's revenge.
The Labyrinth of Love; or, the mysteries of the heart.
Martin the Foundling; or, memoirs of a valet-de-chambre.
Martin, the Foundling; Memoirs of a Valet de Chambre.
Martin, the Foundling; or, the adventures of a valet-de-chambre.
Mary Lawson.
Matilda: or the memoirs of a young woman.
The Mysteries of Paris.
The Mysteries of Paris.
The Mysteries of Paris.
The Mysteries of Paris.
Paula Monti: or, the Hôtel Lambert.
The Salamander. A naval romance.
The Seven Capital Sins.
The Seven Cardinal Sins.
Voluptuousness; or, Madeline.
The Wandering Jew
The Wandering Jew: a tale of the Jesuits.
The Wandering Jew: a tale of the Jesuits
The Temptation; or, the watch tower of Koat-Vën: a romantic tale
Therese Dunoyer; or, the manor house of Treff-Hartlog. A romantic tale