A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

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About the Author

James Malcolm Rymer (1814-1884)
Lady Clara Cavendish,
Malcolm J. Errym
A Flaw in the Diamond. A romance of the affections.
Ada, the Betrayed; or, the murder at the old smithy. A romance of passion.
Adele; or, the robbers of the new forest. An English romance.
Adeline; or, the grave of the forsaken. A domestic romance.
Alice Home: or, the Revenge of the blighted one. A romance of deep interest.
The Apparition: a romance.
The Appointed Hour; a romance of Venice.
The Black Mantle; or, the murder at the old ferry. A romance.
The Black Monk; or, the secret of the grey turret. A romance.
The Bridal Ring; or, the maiden's sacrifice. A domestic romance.
Claude Duval, the dashing highwayman. A tale of the road.
The Compact
Cousin Cecil; or, the Wheel of Fortune. A domestic romance.
Dead Man's Hollow; or, the bridal of Bodesden. A romance.
The Deceiver's Doom; or, the cousins.
Destiny; or, the legend of Cranbrook Cross.
The Divorce: A tale of fashionable life
Don Caesar de Bazan. A romance of Spain.
Dorinda; or, the miser A domestic romance.
The Dream of a Life. A romance.
The Duchess. A domestic romance.
The Fallen Star: a domestic tale.
Family Secrets; or, a page from life's volume. A romance.
Felicia; or, the tempter and his victim. A domestic tale.
The First False Step. A novel.
The Gambler's Wife; or, murder will out.
Gentleman Jack; or, life on the road. A romance of interest, abounding in hair-breadth escapes of the most exciting character.
Gold; or, the stranger of the wreck. A romance.
Grace Rivers; or, the merchant's daughter. A domestic romance.
Heads and Hearts; or, my brother, the colonel. A domestic romance.
Holly Bush Hall; or, the track in the snow. A tale for Christmas.
The Incendiaries; or, the haunted manor.
The Iron Mask. A romance.
Jane Brightwell; or, the beggar's petition. A romance.
Jane Shore; or, London in the reign of Edward the Fourth. An historical romance.
Jessie Arnold; or, the murder at the old well. A romance.
The Lady in Black; or, the widow and the wife. A romance.
The Life Raft; a tale of the sea.
The Life and Adventures of Tom King the highwayman
The Love Child. A romance.
Love and Matrimony. In which I show what a trouble I had in getting settled, and how unsettled I always was when I got settled.
Love and Mystery; or, married and single. A romance.
The Lover's Fate; or, the vision of the raven tower.
Mabel; or, the child of the battle field. A romance.
Mazeppa; or, the wild horse of the Ukraine. A romance.
Miranda; or, the heiress of the Grange. A romance.
Moreton; or, the doomed house. A romance.
The Night Adventurer; or, the palaces and dungeons of the heart. A Romance.
The Oath; or, the buried treasure.
The Ordeal by Touch. A romance.
Paul Clifford; or, hurrah for the road. romance of old times.
Pedlar's Acre; or, the wife of seven husbands. A romance of old London.
Phoebe; or, the miller's maid. A romance of deep interest.
Retribution; or, the murder at the old dyke. A romance.
The Rivals; or, the spectre of the hall. A romance.
The Secretary; or, circumstantial evidence. A domestic romance.
The Sepoys; or, Highland Jessie. A tale of the present Indian revolt
The Snow-Drift. A story of two Christmas Eves.
Stella; or, the omen of the grave. A romance.
The String of Pearls; or, the barber of Fleet Street. A domestic romance.
Varney the Vampyre; or, the feast of blood. A romance.
Vileroy; or, the horrors of Zindorf Castle. A romance of chivalry.
The White Slave. A romance for the nineteenth century.
The Widow Mortimer; or, the marriage in the dark. A romance.
Will o' the Wisp. A story for Christmas.
Will o' the Wisp. A story for Christmas.
The Woman of the World
Woman's Life; or, the trials of the heart.
Tales of the Times,
The Tempter.
True Blue; or, sharks upon shore. A tale of the sea.