A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Author

Renton Nicholson (1809-1861)
A Man in Search of a Midwife.
A Midnight Adventure.
A Pic-Nic Party.
A Sporting Excursion.
A Sunday Excursion.
Abag; or, the Sorcerer of Nancy.
The Adventures of Jem Piper.
Adventures of Mr. Ned Shankey.
Adventures of a Fishing Party.
The Amorous Student.
An Excursion to the West-end.
The Beau, the Kiddy, and their Ladies.
Caleb the Entranced.
Cockney Adventures and Tales of London Life.
Dombey and Daughter: a moral fiction.
Jaunt in a Van to Epsom.
The Lady of Forty Summers.
The Lawyer's Clerk.
The Man with the Huge Umbrella.
Mr. Henry Granby Elphinstone Brown, the Accountant.
Mr. Jacob Lushington Jebb.
Parishocracy; or, a Tale of an Antiquary.
Peter the Pastry-Cook.
Sam Wilkins; or, the Lover of many Scrapes.
Uncle Bob; or, the Water-Party.