A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

About the Author

A Legend of Grandier.
Admiral Benbow, or the earthquake in Jamaica.
The Baronet.
The Bayaderes, or, priestesses of Pondicherry.
Black Friday, or the natal star.
The Black Inn of the Heath.
The Black Legend of Rotherhithe, or, the horse and the ostler.
The Broken Chain, or the lady of Nuremberg.
The Brute-Tamer of Pompeii.
The Death Blow; or, the fatal knife.
Emeline; or, the love pledge. An old English romance.
The Engraver.
The Family Conspiracy.
The Fire of London; or, the doomed city.
The Four Greys; or, travelling adventures in Ireland.
The French in Egypt, and Bonaparte's passage of the deserts.
The Gnome Fly
The Man with the Iron Mask.
Master Timothy.
Penny Illustrated Garden of Romance.
The Phantom Voice, or the doomed one of the hulk.
The Ransom; or, a father's love.
The Skeleton Lover.
Transatlantic Tales, Sketches, and Legends.
The Three Friends.
The Two Sisters.